About us

Good food, created with quality healthy and nutritious ingredients, not only nourishes our body but our mood as well. The relationship between food and mood is vital to our daily function and general wellbeing.

We Kiwis have a strong affiliation with food, but being a small island nation at the bottom of the world can get a little lonely at times, especially when it comes to sourcing delicious and affordable goodies from our neighbours. This is where we come in; Good Mood Food NZ is about making the hard to get, accessible. The criteria we follow is simple; tasty, nutritious, and of course good looking…. after all, we do eat with our eyes. It’s the full-mood-boosting experience, nothing ugly here.

Behind 'Good Mood Food' is one serious foodie and one curious creative sharing a love of art, rock n’ roll, and the hospitality industry. By combing strengths and passions they are bringing the goods to you, only stocking premium products that benefit your body and mind.

We are the sole importers and distributors for Jomeis Fine Food products in New Zealand. Jomeis Nutritional lattes and Jomeis Sweet Balsamic Reduction are 100% natural and 100% plant-based, using some of the most potent ingredients on earth.