Organic Sweet Balsamic Reduction 250ml

Balsamic Vinegar has a rich culinary history, treasured for centuries for its versatility and medicinal use.  The Organic Balsamic Vinegar we source from Modena, Italy, is barrel-aged, then blended with Organic Coconut Sugar to create this artisanal Sweet Balsamic Reduction, an exquisite and precious nectar.

Due to its more natural manufacturing process, coconut sugar contains inulin fibre which slows glucose absorption, making it lower GI.  It also contains minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Potassium.

  •     Free from artificial colours
  •     No Cane sugar - LOW GI
  •     Gluten and Dairy-free
  •     Vegan
  •     Non-GMO
  •     Pour over raw salads, quinoa, meat, fish or a vegetable side dish for a sweeter zing.
  •     Add to extra virgin olive oil and serve with a warmed sourdough.
  •     Brush on plump Roma tomatoes before slow roasting.
  •     Mix through a tapenade to add great colour and accentuate flavour.
  •     Drizzle over ripe strawberries and serve with vanilla bean ice cream.



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